Lynn Friebel

In 2009, at the suggestion of a friend, Lynn attended her first Zumba class.  Lynn remembered laughing and being exhausted at the same time.  Hooked, Lynn attended every Zumba class she could find and traveling to find Master classes taught by the best including the internationally renowned Gina Grant and the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez. In October 2010, Lynn traveled to Bowling Green for her first Zumba certification and followed in March 2011 with a B2 certification.

Wanting to add weights to her routines she received a certification for Zumba Toning in 2011. With the mentorship and support of amazing instructors, Lynn infused her experiences of training, travel, love and passion of life in her class as a licensed Zumba Instructor.  Still hooked, she has added the Zumba Abs and Glutes certifications.  

Lynn also holds certifications in group exercise, personal training, and yoga.  She is also a Healthways Fitness and Health Instructor for Silver Sneakers.  


Amanda Rader

Amanda began taking Zumba classes in September of 2010. After her first session, she was hooked and decided to become a Zumba Instructor She received her certification in May of 2011 and began teaching in Plymouth and Shelby. She started teaching at Adeva Fit shortly after its grand opening. Amanda is also certified to teach Aqua Zumba, but does not do so at this time.

Amanda is a 4th grade teacher at Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary where she is also the majorette advisor. During the summer and fall, she is a baton instructor for Denise’s Twirlettes in Shelby. When baton season is over, Amanda runs the Girls in Motion program at the elementary school in which young girls can participate in 30 minutes of dance fitness on Mondays after school.


Liz Fields

Liz is currently Adeva Fit's Manager and personal trainer. She is certified through FiTour in personal training, group fitness, and cycling. She is also certified with Healthways Silver Sneaker program, and is currently teaching classes at the Shelby Senior Center. Liz has 5+ years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instruction. She has taught Cycling, Tabata and Fit Stix at other various facilities.


Kassie Underwood

During college, Kassie enjoyed taking the occasional Zumba® class when offered nearby. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics, Kassie began teaching High School Mathematics for an online school. She quickly realized she missed the passion and fun of Zumba® and with no classes nearby, she decided to become an instructor herself!

In October of 2013, she traveled to Dayton to become certified. Since then Kassie moved to Mansfield and picked up some different formats. Her certifications include: Zumba®, B2, Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Gold-Toning, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Step, Aqua Zumba® and STRONG by Zumba®. Kassie has continued her education of fitness through the years and has also been certified in Zumba® Core, Glutes, Burst and Pro Skills.

To continue improving and bringing the best she can to her students, Kassie just finished her AFFA Group Fitness Certification and become certified in Buti® Yoga and Buti® Sculpt and is currently learning about nutrition with Plate by Zumba®. Kassie loves to bring her passion for fitness and fun together with countless different classes and always has a smile for her classes! 


Dominique Norman

In 2015 Dominique joined Adeva Fit, while she had no intention of ever working there that changed very quickly. She fell in love with not only Adeva Fit, but also with Zumba®.  In February of 2016 she got her certification to teach Zumba®, and has been doing so ever since.

Outside of Adeva, Dominique is a wife, mother of two, and a cosmetologist. She also teaches a Burlesque workshop a couple times a year at Adeva Fit, and has taught hip-hop step class with Amanda. Dominique's Zumba® is a high energy, combination of hip-hop and Latin. Get ready to sweat, and have some booty shakin' fun!